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School Strategic Plan & Annual Implementation Plan

Over the next 4 years the College will focus on building a culture of shared responsibility for student performance and improvement, outlined in our Strategic Plan. The priority of the leadership team is in organising the school to work as a Professional Learning Community, operating in Professional Learning Teams. Teachers will work collaboratively to build trust and confidence between colleagues and support each other’s professional growth.


The first year of the strategic plan is to embed the new structure and process that support student learning. The ground work will be set in terms of developing growth targets, collaborative working protocols in PLTs, consistent documentation and whole College expectations.


Over the course of the strategic plan staff will develop the understanding of working in a truly collaborative manner and take responsibility of all students both academically and behaviourally. Leading teachers will assist teachers to unpack high yield teaching strategies and differentiate lessons to cater for all students at their point of need. Continual refinement and implementation of effective leadership and decision making structures will strengthen the collective accountability of staff and student improvement and ensure an ongoing cycle of improvement.


Annual Implementation Plan for Improving Student Outcomes

The Annual Implementation Plan outlines the college’s key improvement initiatives and strategies to ensure success for all students.


Creekside K-9 College – Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The Strategic Plan outlines the college’s four year goals for improving student achievement, engagement and wellbeing.