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At Creekside K-9 College, students experience French each week for one hour. Year 1 to Year 8 are encouraged to learn basic conversation skills and general vocabulary that aids their communication. This exposes them to explore the French cultures and traditions as a whole community while creating a holistic approach to their learning.


Some of the topics covered include:

  • Greetings in French (Bonjour- Hello, Au Revoir- Goodbye)
  • Colours & Numbers
  • Days of the week & Months of the year & Seasons (Australia & Europe)
  • Family
  • Parts of the Body
  • French Culture
  • Animals
  • Honouring French Traditions


Prep to Year 2

Students learn to communicate with each other using basic common French Greetings through different learning styles. The school encourages them to speak in French and use a lot of their creativity and imagination to help learn better.


Year 3 and 4

Students in Year 3 & 4 mirror the curriculum studied by their juniors (Year 1 & 2). However, they are taught more in detail and exposed to a wider range of resources and information’s in French.


Year 5 and 6

Students in Year 5 &6 learn to apply previously learnt French language to further enhance their understanding and communication of the French language and culture. This opens doors to better collaborations and team effort amongst students. Thereby, creating a holistic approach to learning.


Year 7 and 8

Students of Year 7 & 8 are taught to master and experience more functional French that help them reach a high level of expertise in the French language and culture.