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School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Participating as a school council member is a rewarding and challenging experience. The school council supports the principal to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

Participating in the Creekside K-9 College school council is a rewarding and challenging experience. Participants have the opportunity to work with other council members consisting of parents and school staff, on a wide range of school issues.


Some of the functions of the council include

  • establishing the broad direction and vision of the college within the community
  • participating in the development and monitoring of the college strategic plan
  • approving the annual budget and monitoring college expenditure
  • developing, reviewing and updating college policies
  • raising funds for college-related purposes
  • maintaining the grounds and facilities at the college
  • entering into contract (such as for cleaning or construction work)
  • reporting annually to the college community and to the Department of Education
  • promoting the college in the wider community
  • keeping informed of local issues and the views of the local community
  • regulating and facilitating the after- hours use of the college premises and grounds
  • operating a children’s services at the college or other premises controlled by the Minister

The school council has played a part in many important decisions and projects at Creekside College. In 2020 we were part of a selection panel that elected the current Principal, Gary Eckersall and we were actively involved in a ‘Peer Review’ that informed the development of the new four year Strategic Plan for the college. We also oversaw and supported a range of projects across the college including the development of the new Janine Blachford Auditorium.


In 2017 we continued supporting the Principal and staff at Creekside to fulfill their duties and to implement the new Strategic Plan. We also oversaw administrative policies and procedures as well as working towards improving the overall governance of the college.


The Creekside College school council meets at least eight times throughout the year, at least once per each school term. Official minutes are recorded at each meeting and the council’s activities and decisions are regularly included in the College newsletter.


Creekside College has four sub-committees that report regularly to council meetings, providing advice and recommendations that inform the decisions of the council. The four sub-committees in 2020 are Finance, Education, Building and Grounds and Kindergarten. Sub-committees must be made up of at least three members with at least one being a member of the college council.


The school council operates under the Education and Training Act 2006, and the direction of the executive officer, Principal Gary Eckersall. The act specifies the council’s membership, size and configurations as well as outlining the objectives, powers, functions and accountabilities. The council is regulated by the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007 and all councilors are governed by the Director’s Code of Conduct made under the Public Administration Act 2004.


As President of the Creekside K-9 College school council I would welcome any additions to our team in 2020. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank those who have previously served on the council. I look forward to serving in the capacity of Council President in 2020 and am looking forward to seeing all the great things the council can achieve throughout the year.


Maggie Joseski

School Council President