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Free Kindergarten at Creekside Kindergarten from 2023

The Victorian Government has announced that Kindergarten will be free from 2023.
Kindergarten programs are an important step for children. It is strongly recommended you send your children for two years of early learning before they start school as ninety per cent of a child’s brain develops by the time they turn five. This means the benefits of enrolling children in kindergarten can last into the school years and beyond.
Having an additional year of play-based learning can be transformative for children and set them up for success. Studies show that students who went to kindergarten for at least two years had better development in language, pre-reading, and early number concepts.

Between the ages of three and five, children also learn important social and emotional skills, such as how to regulate their emotions and behaviour. Kindergarten is a safe place for children to build these skills as well as their independence and concentration while forming positive relationships and making friends.

To set your child up for success at school, please register your child for Three or Four Year old Kindergarten at Creekside kindergarten in 2024 via…/Families…/Kindergarten.

The sooner you enrol, the sooner we can begin to confirm our 2024 programs.

If you have any questions, please

email: or call: 8363 6400

2024 Kindergarten Program

3 Year Old Program (15 hours per group


Group 1: Mon & Tues: 8.30am-4.00pm

Group 2: Thu & Fri: 8.45am-4.15pm

Group 3: Thu & Fri: 8.30am-4.00pm

4 Year Old Program (15 hours per group


Group 1: Mon & Tues: 8.30am-4.00pm

Group 2: Mon & Tues: 8.45am-4.15pm

Group 3: Thu & Fri: 8.30am-4.00pm

Enrolments are open now via the Melton Council Website!


Kindergarten Tours

Every Friday at 11am

Please email or call to book! or 8363 6400

Kinder Readiness 2024 A4 Flyer

Creekside Kindergarten Team

Timeline for 2024 Kindergarten registration & enrolment



2024 Registration Form

Creekside Kindergarten Uniform

Creekside Kindergarten Flyer - Three Year Old Program Flyer - Four Year Old Program Flyer

Our kindergarten acknowledges the rights of children and therefore is a strong advocate for children. Creekside Kindergarten upholds the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics and the Children’s Regulations and Law Acts 2010. 


At Creekside K-9 College we provide a committed, seamless program according to children’s interest which builds on the child’s needs and their families in the environment and provides safe and enjoyable learning outcomes. We provide a balance of structured and unstructured experiences, which incorporates both child initiated and adult supported activities. We do this as we foster children’s own ideas to encourage and plant new seeds for their learning. We also foster school readiness so the children are prepared for beginning school. The kindergarten teachers write transition statements which parents will read and obtain a copy of. These statements are then given to the school teachers so they have prior knowledge about the child’s development before starting school. 


Creekside Kindergarten incorporates an extended transition program for all children giving them the opportunity to experience a ‘school environment’ and become comfortable in a larger setting, minimising the anxiety that can come with such transition. Children will be given the opportunity to participate in classroom work with the prep children as well as some specialist classes eg. Visual Art, Performing Art, French, Science and PE.
Through our planning process of observing the children’s interests, we plan activities to support their development. We document the children’s learning, extend on their interests and evaluate their learning. Reflection books are created where we document children’s learning using the Early Years Learning Framework.  Documentation of children’s learning and exploration through the program and special events are kept in children’s individual portfolios.
With staff development, we promote and encourage staff to attend ongoing training and staff development sessions to keep teachers up to date eg: (EYLF). Staff then implement this new learning into the Kindergarten program and increase their knowledge and skills.
We recognise that parents and families know their children best and are an important part of the kindergarten. Parents are welcome at all times, opportunities are given to parents to provide suggestions through our reflection book as well as opportunities to evaluate the kindergarten through parent surveys and suggestions. 
We include parents and families when we talk about the children’s day and communicate kindergarten messages. We also have an information sheet about your child in the enrolment form so the teacher has some information before starting kinder. 


‘We believe in giving children the best possible start to their life-long learning journey’



  • A play based curriculum
  • Independence

Families and community

  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Equity and Diversity    


  • Continuous learning
  • Commitment to excellence

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