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Creekside K-9 College was officially established on January 1st, 2012 following the disaggregation of Caroline Springs College. Creekside now accommodates approximately 1430 students.

The principal class team currently comprises a Principal and three Assistant Principals. An Assistant Principal leads each sub school. We have 11 Leading teachers at Creekside; Six Teaching and Learning Coaches to support the staff in catering for the individual learning needs of our students and five Student Engagement & Wellbeing staff.

The college has a primary (Prep to Year 6) and secondary (Years 7-9) structure. While the school accommodates approximately 1430 students, it operates on a split timetable. This means that primary age students are not in the playground at the same time as the secondary students. The welfare benefits include students associating with peers and having access to the canteen, sporting fields, play equipment and other areas of the school while students on the other timetable are in classrooms. 

All students are organised in home groups with year levels being clustered in defined learning spaces. Years 7 – 9 are organised into home groups and move between rooms for their different subjects. Year 9 students are offered an elective program in preparation for their year 10 experience and transition to senior secondary college.

Student wellbeing is a priority of the college and is supported by two student counselors, secondary nurse, school nurse and PSD coordinator. A Multidisciplinary Wellbeing Team oversees student referrals based on behavioural needs, social, physical and academic progress and PSD needs. Education Support Staff provide student support under the guidance of both the teachers and the PSD coordinator.

Buildings and grounds have been extensively developed to ensure that learning and recreational areas provide the best possible environments. Portable classrooms have been enhanced by cover ways and gardens. The spacious and well kept grounds include artificially grassed areas as well as courts and asphalted areas for games and recreation. The college has erected shade sails over passive play areas and a major shade structure at the center of the school. Students, teachers and parents are offered opportunities to provide input into the continued development of ongoing, sustainable environment improvements.

A Performing Arts, Science and LOTE building, The Janine Blachford Auditorium, was constructed in 2015. We are very fortunate to have such a fantastic environment in which our students can learn, while also being an ideal location for special events.