School Wide Positive Behaviours

What is the School Wide Positive Behaviour initiative at Creekside?

Creekside K-9 College follows a positive behaviour approach to enhance the academic and social
behaviour outcomes for all students. This is a whole school approach to create an environment, which encourages effective learning, development of a positive, calm and welcoming atmosphere within the school. We aim to encourage, recognise and reward the positive behaviours displayed by students. At Creekside, learning appropriate social skills and displaying positive behaviour is an important aspect of our role as a school. We endeavour to teach appropriate social skills by introducing, modelling and positively reinforcing appropriate social behaviours displayed by the students within the school.

Behaviour Expectation Matrix

To ensure our students are aware of the expected behaviours that are encouraged within the school grounds, we have developed a Positive Behaviour Matrix for Prep – 6 students and Year 7-9 students. This matrix coincides with our school values and is there to support students in showing positive social skills. The matrix includes appropriate behaviours in specific areas around the school, including:
  • Oval
  • Play equipment
  • Toilet
  • Canteen
  • Passive area/Lining up areas
  • Classrooms, Learning Areas and Assembly
  • School environment
  • Moving around the school

Reward Systems

Teachers reward and recognise students who display our school values in a number of ways. Each teacher implements a positive reward system in their classroom and uses it to encourage positive behaviours in the classroom.  Teachers that witness extraordinary displays of a positive behaviour in the classroom or in the schoolyard, recognise the behaviour by rewarding students with a gold ‘Creekside Sticker’. Students who receive a ‘Creekside Sticker’ place it onto their reward chart. Each student who receives this sticker goes into the draw to win prizes at assembly.