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Dear Creekside Community,

Welcome back to Creekside and I do hope you enjoyed a happy and safe term break. Once again we have a busy term ahead of us, with students involved in a number of sports programs, the Archibald Art Exhibition, end of year concert and of course its report time again. This year reports will remain in the same format as they have in the past however the Department has now given schools more flexibility with the format so we will be canvassing your ideas and expectations as the term concludes and we prepare for 2015.

Last term I provided you with some information regarding a program that Creekside was accepted into called New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL). As our experience of the program grows I will continue to provide information and new learnings. There are two components that are of great interest to us as partners in student learning. The first is the notion of Ethical Entrepreneurialism. This breaks the distinction between being able to work with your hands and your mind and gives a new, deeper meaning to the term ‘entrepreneurial’. In our conceptualization entrepreneurialism is not just about making money but also being able to identify and resolve complex personal and societal challenges locally and globally.’ The other element of the NPDL project is identified as the 6C’s: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Character, Citizenship, Communication and Collaboration. Currently teachers are working on the incorporation of creativity into planners and the purposeful learning component of the Creekside Instructional Model. As we explore these concepts more deeply and actively make them a part of the curriculum we will ensure that our students are able to comprehend and address the needs of an ever changing world that requires very different skill sets to those we had as we entered the workforce. To further enhance our involvement in the NPDL the Leadership team will be visiting New Zealand in the term 1 break next year. We are looking to extend on the school vision that expressly refers to the preparation of our students for globalisation and to experience first- hand how our Kiwi neighbours are approaching this. The work of John Hattie has underpinned the development of the Creekside Instructional Model. Hattie began his work in New Zealand and his influence on the education reform there has been significant.

Please note that there are changes to the application of the Educational Maintenance Allowance for 2015. If you previously received the allowance you need to ensure you are aware of these changes as they will impact on you. Information is available in the newsletter 16.10.14.

Thank you to our band of parent assistants who are currently working with Kim Crilly (Community Liaison Officer) to build an even bigger and better Carnival at Creekside in term 1, 2015. They are keen to encourage other members of the community to participate in the planning. Please feel free to contact Kim if you are able to help out. Also, many thanks to those who were able to sell band-aids for the Greenaide fundraiser. We will let you know the results of your labours when the process is complete.

LOTE (Languages Other Than English) has been an integral part of the Creekside learning culture. In term2 we surveyed the school community to determine what language would best meet the needs of the Creekside school community. The result was a preference for students to be taught French. We are currently exploring teachingg options for years prep and 1.

At Creekside, student wellbeing is a priority and we pride ourselves of the amazing capacity of the wellbeing team to individually deal with the varied needs of students and families. The team comprising of Alice Ward, Erin Maloney, Christine Thewma, Mark Weston, Cheryl Jackson, Josie Mitchell and Paul Young are there to provide a caring and purposeful program to suit the individual needs of students and a rigorous referral system across the school ensures that all students are provided with appropriate support as needed. Members of the team can be contacted through the front office.

I look forward to the coming term and the many opportunities it brings for students to learn and succeed. Remember, successful partnerships between parents, students and staff will positively impact on the outcomes attained by students and that this is further enhanced by regular student attendance.





Creekside motto: Learning for Life.


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